How to start learning Japanese?

So, you have started learning this beautiful and unusual language. What are the first steps to take?

Let's see what materials and tools on our site can help you with this.

First, you must familiarize yourself with Japanese writing in general if you are not already familiar with it. You will learn from this post that Japanese writing consists of two alphabets and hieroglyphs.

Learning Japanese alphabets

After that, it is worth studying the Japanese alphabets of hiragana and katakana. The blog has two posts on this topic - the main characters of the alphabet, writing the alphabet and long syllables.

You can take our online Japanese alphabet course if you prefer interactive learning. It's free, but registration is required.

We also offer you our free mobile application Simple Kana, where you can learn the Japanese alphabet from scratch.

When you have learned the alphabet but want to practice it and improve your knowledge, you can use the Japanese alphabet simulator. It allows you to choose the type of training that is convenient for you, the necessary alphabet. Pay attention to the "Constructor" mode - you will compose actual Japanese words from kana characters there. This way, you can practice reading the Japanese alphabet while building up your vocabulary.

Dive into grammar

Once you've mastered hiragana and katakana, it's time to start learning Japanese grammar. In this way, you will begin to learn how to build and understand Japanese sentences, which, most likely, will significantly please and motivate you to move on :)

Our site brings you a series of blog posts dedicated to the basics of the Japanese language. Go to the "Blog" section and start browsing posts from the end.

Perhaps you will be more comfortable with interactive learning, then feel free to go to the "Courses" section already mentioned above and move forward in order. Recall that the courses are free, but registration is required.


While familiar with Japanese grammar and mastering the rules for constructing sentences, you can begin to get acquainted with Japanese characters called "kanji" in Japanese.

We are currently working on a tool that will allow you to learn kanji from scratch, but in the meantime, check out our kanji trainer. It is similar to the Japanese alphabet trainer, offering several types of training. Also, you can choose kanji from the JLPT category (this is the official Japanese language proficiency test) or practice your favorite kanji.

In addition to the simulator, we offer you a kanji dictionary. In it, you will see the readings of the character, its meaning, examples of use, and stroke order, you can download the copybook for it, and you can see other helpful information.

Other information

Our site offers a lot more, and we think you should look around it and study the menu items :)

If you have any questions about the Japanese language, please ask them in the Q&A section, and more experienced site users will be able to help you.

Check out our Dictionary section if you come across an unfamiliar word.

Trainers for Japanese words and Japanese numerals are also available.

Please write to us via the feedback form; we are happy to receive your feedback, suggestions, and comments :)

Good luck in learning the complicated but fascinating Japanese language!

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