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Here you can find materials that will help you learn Japanese. All materials are free to use.

What we have to offer:

Online kana practice for targeted workout

Online kana practice allow you work specifically on area you fail at. There are three mods: Test, Matching and Constructor. You can translate between Romaji, hiragana and katakana in any combination, and even choose rows of kana to work through. Construction mode involves actual words and thus boosts both kana and vocabulary.

Kana practice »

Online numeral practice for targeted workout

Online numeral practice help you to learn Japanese numerals. This trainer covers 2 types of numerals (Chinese and Japanese origin) in 3 different modes: Test, Matching and Constructor. «Constructor» mode teaches to compile complex numerals (from 10 up to 100 000) of separate parts.

Numeral practice »

Online Japanese vocabulary practice

Online Japanese vocabulary practice can help you increase your vocabulary. Select a words category and start learning new words! There are hints in case you need help. For now there is only one mode: a test. But you can choose the direction of the test.

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Online Japanese kanji practice

Online Japanese kanji practice helps to learn Japanese kanji. Only test mode is available, but you can select what you want to learn - on, kun, radical or meaning.

Kanji practice »

Mobile kana practice

We created Simple Kana app for kana learning. You can learn Japanese hiragana and katakana anywhere, the app is available offline.
Two modes are available: test and memory game.

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Online dictionaries for kanji and Japanese words

Search words in Japanese or English; search kanji using different filters.
Visual search will help you find words and kanji you do not yet know how to read!

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Japanese kanji copybooks

You can download copybooks for Japanese kanji in PDF. To do that, find your kanji, open its page and you'll see a link to download the copybook.

Kanji dictionary »

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Our site is being developed actively, so if we forget to describe here new features, you'll see them anyway :)