Word 出る

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to leave;to exit;to go out;to come out;to get out; to leave (on a journey);to depart;to start out;to set out; to move forward; to come to;to get to;to lead to;to reach; to appear;to come out;to emerge;to surface;to come forth;to turn up;to be found;to be detected;to be discovered;to be exposed;to show;to be exhibited;to be on display; to appear (in print);to be published;to be announced;to be issued;to be listed;to come out; to attend;to participate;to take part;to enter (an event);to play in;to perform; to be stated;to be expressed;to come up;to be brought up;to be raised; to sell; to exceed;to go over; to stick out;to protrude; to break out;to occur;to start;to originate; to be produced; to come from;to be derived from; to be given;to get;to receive;to be offered;to be provided;to be presented;to be submitted;to be handed in;to be turned in;to be paid; to answer (phone, door, etc.);to get; to assume (an attitude);to act;to behave; to pick up (speed, etc.);to gain; to flow (e.g. tears);to run;to bleed; to graduate
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Kanji that this word consists

shutsu, sui
de.ru, -de, da.su, -da.su, i.deru, i.dasu
exit, leave, go out, come out, put out, protrude

Related words

to get in;to go in;to come in;to flow into;to set;to set in


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