Word 弾く

弾く Top
to play (a stringed or keyboard instrument)
(を) играть (на щипковых, смычковых и клавишных инструментах)
Урок 18
Урок 18

Kanji that this word consists

dan, tan
hi.ku, -hi.ki, hazu.mu, tama, haji.ku, haji.keru, tada.su, haji.kiyumi
bullet, twang, flip, snap
пуля; играть (на муз инструменте)

Related words

to pull;to tug;to lead (e.g. a horse); to draw (attention, sympathy, etc.);to attract (e.g. interest); to draw back (e.g. one's hand);to draw in (one's chin, stomach, etc.);to pull in; to draw (a card, mahjong tile, etc.); to draw (a line, plan, etc.); to catch (a cold); to play (a stringed or keyboard instrument); to look up (in a dictionary, phone book, etc.);to consult;to check; to haul;to pull (vehicles); to subtract;to deduct; to recede;to ebb;to fade; to be descend from;to inherit (a characteristic); to quote;to cite;to raise (as evidence); to lay on (electricity, gas, etc.);to install (e.g. a telephone);to supply (e.g. water); to hold (e.g. a note); to apply (e.g. lipstick);to oil (e.g. a pan);to wax (e.g. a floor); to move back;to draw back;to recede; to lessen;to subside;to ebb; to resign;to retire;to quit
1) ((тж.) 曳く) тянуть; тащить; волочить; дёргать; 2) ((тж.) 惹く) притягивать; привлекать; 3) вести; 4) проводить; 5) (связ.) цитировать; 6) (связ.) отводить; 7) (связ.:); 8) вычитать; уступать (в цене); 9) стянуть, стащить (украсть); (ср.) ひいて, ひく【退く】, ひくて


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